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Chasis Shop Ohio

Our prime goal is to be a one stop shop. A wide selection of in house design and fabrication services means your vehicle doesn't need to be transported from shop to shop as work progresses. While this obviously saves time and money, it also helps keep the work more consistant and eliminates scheduling hassles that can occur when multiple shops are involved in a project. Whether you need a new chassis built from scratch, suspension tuning for your existing vehicle, or anything in between, we have you covered from concept to reality.

Complete Chassis Design and Construction

From bracket cars to tube chassis cars, Jim Unger Racing can design a complete custom frame to suit your needs. Our designs maximize strength, functionality, and precision tuning capabilities, while keeping weight to a minimum.

Chassis design is perhaps the most crucial aspect of building a top notch performance vehicle, forming the foundation upon which the rest of the vehicle is built. At Jim Unger Racing, years of experience are combined with cutting edge technology and innovative ideas to produce high performance designs which lead to high performance results.

From Roll Bars to Roll Cages

Safety should never be compromised in any motorsport. Jim Unger Racing can provide you the extra piece of mind you need with custom designed and built safety equipment for your vehicle. Whether you're looking for a complete roll cage, or just wanting to add a simple roll bar, we've done it all. Put our knowledge and experience in your corner to help you make your vehicle as safe as possible.

Chassis Tuning

Chasis Tuning

Safety should never be compromised in any motorsport. The difference between winning and losing is often in the smallest of details. Proper chassis tuning is a perfect example where small adjustments and fine tuning can play a fundamental role in making your vehicle perform at its best. Jim Unger Racing has the skills and the technology to help you achieve the optimum configuration for your vehicle.

Custom Parts Fabrication

Another service Jim Unger Racing provides is custom parts fabrication. Whether you need custom linkage rods, exhausts, plumbing, etc, Jim Unger Racing can provide you the perfect part for your vehicle. Experience and innovation combine to insure the function you need and a precise fit for your vehicle. If you need a custom part, you need to call Jim.

  • Upper and lower tubular control arms
  • Custom Header Fabrication
  • Removeable Transmission Crossmembers

Panel Replacement

Panel Replacementis something that you don't want to take lightly. You want the results to blend perfectly so that even the newest panel looks like it has always been there. To get straight, flawless body lines requires experience and top notch workmanship from start to finish. That's exactly what you can expect from us. Whether you need steel or fiberglass work done, the care and craftsmanship with which we treat every vehicle provides a superb level of quality and results you will be proud of.